IT and computer lenses

Are you tired of eye strain and neck aches at the computer?  There is a solution.  New computer and occupational specific lenses eliminate this frustration. Reading spectacles only provide clear vision at close range.  With modern computers in many work spaces and at home, the need for comfortable vision has increased.  Every situation is unique, so customizing your glasses is our specialty. We will ask many questions about your work environment to optimize your vision.  Finally, anti reflective coatings reduce reflections of indoor light on the lenses. The coating also increases light transmission through the lens, further reducing eye strain.

Sports Eyewear

Sports eyewear is not just for the elite athlete. Here in Colorado, the suns demanding rays cause eye fatigue for any outdoor activity. We can fit those pushing the limits on the slopes to the commuters driving to work with the sun in their eyes.

Polarized lenses offer the best reduction in glare from wet pavement, water or snow.  But not all sun lenses are created equal.  Using the most advanced impact resistant materials, premium scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings can give you comfort and incredible clarity.

There are many choices in sports eyewear, so it is important to understand the demands of the activity. Racquet sports require increased impact resistance for both the frame and lenses. Cycling eyewear needs to deflect the wind and provide proper ventilation. All of these can be created in prescription with the latest technology in wrap design frames from manufactures like Oakley, Nike, and Bolle.  With the help of our knowledgeable opticians you will never wear a gas station pair of sunglasses again.


Our optical department thrives on keeping a variety of ophthalmic frame brands to fit everyone’s eyeglass needs, and keep up with the latest fashions.  We offer high-quality frames in a variety of price ranges for every age group.

We carry men and women’s frames in various materials, shapes, and styles including name brands Prodesign, Ogi, Seraphin, Oakley, Nike, and You’s. We have many styles including retro, classic, modern, and trendy.

The designer frames we carry are not just fashionable, but functional as well. Whether you want a sporty look with our Oakley and Nike Collections or a contemporary look with our Seraphin Collection.

Prodesign is strongly rooted in Danish designs and dares to be bold with a little twist. Ogi & Seraphin have the latest in retro vintage trend.  You’s Eyewear are famous for their creative and colorful temples.

It is important for children to feel that they are a part of the frame selection process as well. We make the experience fun as well as teach them to take good care of them.  We have a wide selection of children’s frames from Disney to Nike.  Our Flexon frames are made with the highest quality titanium making these frames flexible for even the most active child.

We would like to introduce Jordan Hughes, O.D. and Holly Hughes, O.D.!  Now scheduling so call today!


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Helpful Tip

Myth: Wearing glasses too much will make the eyes “dependent” on them.

Fact: Refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism) change as kids get older. Many variables come into play, but most of this change is likely due to genetics and continues despite wearing glasses earlier or later or more or less. Wearing glasses does not make the eyes get worse.


Dr. Brodie and the staff are always professional and courteous. They treat our family with respect. We switched to Third Avenue Eyecare fifteen years ago and we're very happy we switched!

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