Maddy The Mighty

Maddy The Mighty

My son JD plays for the Third Avenue Eyecare Rock Hounds, a Longmont Baseball League little league team.  Last night at his game a players mom passed out popsicles to anyone who wanted one in honor of Maddy Grayless.  Maddy was a third grader at Fall River Elementary, a classmate of several Rock Hound players, who after a very brief, heartbreaking battle with cancer, passed away June 16th.  Her dying wish was for people to do good things for others, to pay it forward.  Maddys story has touched thousands of people and has prompted many to pay it forward.  Do good things today in honor of this beautiful little girl, be a part of Maddy’s Mighty Minions!  #MaddyTheMighty #MaddysMightyMinions

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Myth: Wearing glasses too much will make the eyes “dependent” on them.

Fact: Refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism) change as kids get older. Many variables come into play, but most of this change is likely due to genetics and continues despite wearing glasses earlier or later or more or less. Wearing glasses does not make the eyes get worse.


Dr. Hughes and the staff are always professional and courteous. They treat our family with respect. We switched to Third Avenue Eyecare fifteen years ago and we're very happy we switched!

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